Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wedding Colors

Deciding on your color scheme for your wedding is a big decision, and sets the stage for your entire wedding. Your accessories, bridesmaids dresses, flowers, place setting or other table decor, as well as invitations and programs will normally all be decided after you choose your wedding color(s).

Colors help set the mood and show your personality. Another thing you want to be sure is that the colors you choose will go with your location, as well as be appropriate for the season when you get married. Here is an article that talks about the different meanings associated with colors. It could be helpful when deciding what colors you want to use at your wedding.

Coming to the decision for some brides is one of the easiest decisions, while for others it is one of the hardest. Browsing pictures from other weddings is a perfect place to find inspiration.

If you check out this site or this slide show on the knot you can get some great color combo ideas. Here is an article for some great tips if you are having trouble deciding on what colors you want for your special day.

I wanted to mention a few fun color combinations that I think are great, as well as some of the predicted big colors for 2011.

Here is a slide show and an article by Jeanine Edwards on Aisle Dash about the 10 Hot Hues for 2011 weddings. I am loving that Honeysuckle Pink! Check out these adorable photos using it with yellow accents!

Or you can check out a larger list here. I am loving night.

According to an article on Bridal Beauty by Michelle Mospens of there are some really pretty color combos that will be popular this year. You can check out her full article here, or her website here.
She also did an two different articles where she broke it down by season. To see the Spring colors click here, or to check out the Fall colors for 2011 click here.

Here is one of my favorite photos! (well, not because of quality, I just snapped this on my iphone, but because of the brides shoes!) It had been poaring, so the (super adorable) bride (Caroline) had her dress hiked up so as to be sure it didn't get wet and you can see her FANTASTIC shoes! I think this is a perfect place to show your style and colors! So fun!

If you want to check out the actual photos from this wedding (The photographer's were Chuck and Beverly Williams, who are wonderful by the way) you can look at their website here.

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